Is Turboganic My Garden® cost-effective compared to other major brands of plant food & fertilizers?

The answer is a resounding YES!

In fact, considering what you are getting, and the awesome vitality my product is going to give your plants, soil and garden, I’d consider it a downright bargain.

It was critically important for me to make Turboganic My Garden® affordable and loaded with value.  A single quart of super-concentrate makes a minimum of 25 gallons (depending upon your application) of 100% complete and total plant nutrition.

  • One quart is sufficient for people with smaller gardens (less than 500 square feet) of veggies, herbs, flowers, shrubs, houseplants - whatever you have - for the season (May through September). I recommend an application close to the roots about once a week. 
  • Other folks with gardens in the 500 to 1,000 square foot range usually use about 3 to 5 quarts of super-concentrated Turboganic My Garden® for the ENTIRE season.  Some gardeners water by hand, while others prefer pressurized hand-sprayers or injecting it into their drip or flood irrigation systems.

Those with larger area gardens or growing spaces will use proportionally more, of course. But even taking this into consideration, Turboganic My Garden® is one of the most ECONOMICAL & EASIEST ways to feed almost any size area of plant life for the entire growing season.

Whether you are using flood or drip irrigation for larger plots, Turboganic My Garden® will deliver what your plants need. It goes without saying that the results Turboganic My Garden® delivers in the way of size, yield, taste, color, nutritional value, plant longevity, and harvest shelf-life is what really makes the difference.