I’m John Pease, grandson of Alexander Graham Bell, and let me share with you this short and true story…

The year was 1991, the place a designated one-acre, EPA clean up site in Oshkosh, Wisconsin on the shores of Winnebago near Lake Michigan.

Oshkosh had a problem – a big one. A former wood treatment plant’s chemical spill threatened the animal, plant life and ground and lake water of the entire area due to extensive PCP (pentachlorophenol) contamination. The area’s land and water ecology was in peril. Left in the ground, the PCP would effectively make a virtual dead zone for years to come as far as normal life was concerned. Not only that, but local commercial and sport fishing would also be at serious risk.

The spill was bad enough, but how does one mop up thousands of gallons of PCP soaking deep within the hard clay soil?

As a seasoned biologist, chemist, botanist, biochemist and microbiologist – the company I was then working for gave me the unenviable task of finding a solution. I developed a unique nutrient formula for special “friendly” bacteria – ones that seemed to thrive on eating and breaking down carbon compounds and hydrocarbons – especially the dangerous PCP. Cutting to the chase, my mix worked better than anyone had expected, and in record time. The PCP was degraded and digested, the ecology was returned to normal and all was well with the world, except for one very strange occurrence.....

The land treated with my nutrient formula was host to a variety of small, wild strawberry plants.

Up until then, the strawberries were eaten only by foraging animals -- the berries were that sour!  But soon after the soil treatments began, those almost inedible strawberry plants did something remarkable.

Later that same week, they started producing plump, juicy, deep red straw-berries like mad – and no longer sour, they were sweet and succulent to boot. The outlying areas not treated with my mix still produced the scrawny, sour strawberries. The scientist in me knew I was on to something extraordinary.

That same summer I had another chance to test my super bacteria (now unofficially dubbed “Micro-Rambo Organisms”) on another environmental cleanup in Salt Lake City, Utah. This time it was gasoline, and again the formula worked its magic. I had some Micro-Rambo mixture left over, so I thought “no point in letting this stuff go to waste.” I brought it home, and left it in the bucket - and promptly forgot about it… until my son thought it was just some rain water and poured it over a thin, undernourished, rose bush I had transplanted the year before.

To my surprise, the rose plant never wilted as transplanted ones usually do! 

After two days, I noticed new leaves on the original stem.  Over the next two weeks, there were new shoots.  Winter set in, and I forgot about the plant. By spring, this fledgling rose plant was the very first to come forth.  With the results I had seen so far, I began applying my “secret sauce” once a week just to see what would happen.

To make a long story short, it grew from 18 inches high to an amazing 6 FEET HIGH and 8 FEET WIDE from mid-April to late-September, producing a total of 3 different bloom periods with nearly 400 flowers for the season. 

The flowers were larger, deeper in color, and more fragrant than anything I had experienced, and frost didn’t even create any blackening of the stems.  NONE OF THIS IS NORMAL FOR A ROSE PLANT!  And, all of this from a plant that was literally resurrected from the dead -- my neighbors couldn’t believe it!

This is when I started to get serious about my hydrocarbon-loving critters.

If my formula could do this much by accident, how much better would it do if I “tweaked” it especially for growing plants?

This led to 10 years of additional research, light-years beyond my original “Micro-Rambo Organisms” mega-nutrient. Each new batch I mixed and produced seemed to be more powerful than the previous one, until at last I eventually created my most exciting and potent formulation discovery, which I now proudly call… 

Turboganic My Garden®

“The Fountain of Growth”

Turboganic My Garden® is in my estimation my most powerful formulation to date.

A proprietary blend of super-concentrated, organic, non-toxic, naturally-occurring, 100% complete plant nutrients – Turboganic My Garden® is a quantum leap over traditional “fertilizers” or any other packaged plant foods. (I don’t even like to use the word “fertilizer” because it is so inadequate when comparing the two.) 

Here’s why Turboganic My Garden® is so totally exceptional: Over 95% of this unique nutrient formula is bio-available and bio-absorbable to botanical life - enlivening every single plant cell and their subsequent stages of development.

Everything from seed germination and sprouting, to growing, to blooming, to harvesting – all are incredibly, almost insanely enhanced - regardless of the type of plant or tree being grown!









and More!


If it can grow in soil, Turboganic My Garden® will work wonders.