Safety Concerns

  • If I get Turboganic My Garden® on my skin or clothes (or pets), will it have any adverse effects?

In the more than 20 years of developing Turboganic My Garden®, no adverse effects to human or animal skin, or washable clothing has been observed.  As safe as it is, it is not recommended for internal use.  If you get in your eyes, just rinse your eyes well with lots of water. If you get this product on your pet, simply sponge off with a moist cloth.


  • My dog drank some diluted Turboganic My Garden® from a bucket I was mixing it in. Will it hurt my pet?

Cats and dogs have been observed licking a solution of Turboganic My Garden® from the leaves of plants with no harm; they seemed at times to prefer the enriched water.  That being said, it is a good idea to not encourage your pets to drink anything but plain water.  If they do happen to drink some, it may induce minor diarrhea but that’s about it.  Other than that, no adverse effects have ever been noticed.


  • Do I need to wash my fruits and vegetables before I use them after applying Turboganic My Garden®?

Anyone who harvests plants from an outside garden or orchard (even organic) should always rinse all of the edible plant portions before you eat them.  Here’s why… not only industrial pollutants, but also bio-pollutants (bird and bug droppings, dust, pollen, etc.) will be present on the exterior surface of the produce, as well as airborne pollutants.  Indoor produce can be eaten without washing as long as cigarette smoke, room deodorants, etc, are not in the air during the growing period.  If Turboganic My Garden® is applied to produce to be eaten, it is recommended to wash your fruits and vegetables as a matter of practice as described above.