Believe me when I say that I’ve tried dozens of products since my earliest research on micro-organisms, on a diversity of plants.  I found that traditional commercial and some organic fertilizers, either stunted growth, or in some cases, actually killed the subjects of my research.

That’s why I finally had to develop my own unique formulation, which is now proven to be so amazingly effective on both plants and their soil micro-organisms, as both have similar cellular needs.

And as you saw above, unlike other garden products, there’s not a whole lot you have to do.  Just follow my simple directions and let nature take its course.  With each passing day your garden and house plants will never be the same again. Plants that rarely bloomed now are on “flower-power” mode. 

Wilting, sickly plants stand strong, flowers are more vibrant, and vegetables, fruits & herbs practically manifest and grow before your very eyes! 


And if you think this is hype, please understand...


I’m staking my professional reputation and 30 years of scientific research on it!