How It Works on ALL Plants!

As a scientist, I document what I observe, which at times I must say, amazes even me.  Shortly after applying Turboganic My Garden®, I discovered that critical plant metabolic processes “switch on,” causing a vastly accelerated, chain reaction of increased production and uptake of natural sugars, vitamins, minerals, organometallics, hormones, critical gases, and water - including those nutrients already present in the soil itself. 

The vast number of elements and compounds in Turboganic My Garden® have been proven to work synergistically - producing accelerated plant growth that would simply not be possible using just the individual nutrient components. In other words, “The sum of the whole is greater than its parts.”

I also learned something else pretty amazing - that a depleted soil will actually leach out vital nutrients from their plants in order to restore balance to itself. This in turn causes unhealthy plant development and premature plant death!


It’s as if the micro-organisms in the soil know it’s a survival of the fittest gamble – and elect to save themselves over the vegetation feeding off them.

Let’s not forget that without these unsung micro-organism bacterial heroes in the soil, nutrient and oxygen uptake through the roots would be impossible – and we as people would soon cease to exist as well. The same essential building blocks of life support a mutually beneficial relationship both above and below ground!

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