Herbs, Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers, Trees, House Plants, Soil Microbes ... 

All Grow Like Crazy Using The Insanely Potent

Turboganic My Garden® Formula

Imagine this...

You walk into your garden, that just last year barely seemed to bloom at all. You tried all the highly rated and highly advertised plant foods and fertilizers. You made sure the soil was fertile and kept moist, with plenty of sunshine gracing the earth.

You did everything by the book… but the results were nothing short of depressing.


Flowers would open, then almost as quickly wilt away. Tomatoes looked more like green marbles, sickly and mottled. Herbs just sat in their pots, barely growing - no matter how much you coaxed and coddled them. Green leaves were covered with those sticky, white insect eggs – draining the vitality right out of them. It didn’t matter what type of “natural” insecticide you used. The bugs won.

But this year… it’s totally, astonishingly different!

Your entire garden is bursting with life. Your flowers are incredibly bright, with scents and colors you haven’t smelled or seen in years.

The tomatoes are huge and red, and when you bite into one – you know you’re eating a real tomato – the taste is so pleasantly deep and delicious. Those herbs which seemed destined for the compost heap have a new lease on life. You’ve never seen them grow so quickly. And the aromas! Just brushing your hand across the oregano, the basil, the thyme releases a burst of fragrances you’ve never experienced before.

The fruit trees promise to produce a record crop, and your once lackluster planting field has become a modern day Garden of Eden. 

Impossible? Farfetched?  Not at all! Let me explain why…