Maximum Results… Minimum Time!


Have you ever had plants that no matter what, just wouldn’t get with the program?  Plants that looked like they were ready for the compost pile, no matter what you did or didn’t do?

Plants that due to poor light, low moisture, and depleted soil conditions just wouldn’t grow? These stragglers can now be given a second chance to thrive. 

The bottom line is this: Plants given Turboganic My Garden® are able to achieve their maximum genetic potential!

Plants are like children….

If a child from a third-world country were given a healthy diet, he or she would more than likely flourish.  However, without these basics, this child would eventually get sick (or worse) from malnutrition – a vicious cycle.  Plants, in this regard, are not all that different. Something to think about.

Extend Growing Season – Longer Shelf-Life


By using our recommended application, results are a nothing short of fantastic!

Turboganic My Garden® supports a substantial, noticeable increase in: 

  • Sprouting
  • Vigor
  • Root development and nutrient uptake
  • Leaf production & vibrant pigmentation
  • Size and yield of blossoms and fruiting
  • Faster growth cycle
  • Succulence
  • Pest and disease resistance
  • Endurance of extreme climate stress (draught, over-watering, dryness, heat, and frost), and...
  • Overall longevity – both in your garden, and harvest shelf-life!

How long would you expect store bought lettuce (hydroponically grown with Turboganic My Garden®), let’s say Romaine, to last in your fridge?  About a week or so?  What if I told you, we’ve had this type of lettuce keep nearly a month in the fridge, and still taste sweet & edible, without a spec of discoloration. Would you be surprised? I know I surely was!