There are probably some things I will never completely understand why Turboganic My Garden® works so well.  Yet one thing is certain, my product is not some marketing-hype, but instead is the result of 20 years of research and development – that still continues.

During its early development, an academic colleague of mine at a prestigious east coast university asked if he could try to analyze its components, just to satisfy his curiosity. He was intrigued by the amazing growth rate of my original “Micro-Rambo” critters you read about before. Gas-chromatography was employed – an extremely costly but tremendously accurate method of scientific analysis.  Due to the expense of running this kind of instrument, he had to shut it off after 8 hours.

During this time, it registered over 10,000 separate organic elements and compounds, often in the parts per billion!

And more, there was absolutely nothing harmful or toxic registered. 

To be frank, there was no practical way to know how many more life-supporting compounds would have been recorded.  I suspect hundreds. Now here’s the really intriguing part… out of the 10,000 plus separate organic compounds recorded, only 80 were identifiable by name using this modern method!

The reason? This unique Turboganic My Garden® formula is extracted from specific and sustainable complex sea plants, as well as organic, ancient earth strata dating over 70 million years old!

This was the era of Pangaea, when the continents as we know them were actually a single land mass, dinosaurs were roaming the earth, and the flora and fauna were nothing like we see today.

There was one, giant ocean called Panthalassa - teeming with strange and curious life, from minute single-celled organisms to trilobites and exceptionally fierce looking fish.

On that vast yet undivided world mass, immense forests of giant ferns covered the landscape. 

The ecosystem of plants and animals existing then would seem to be something unworldly to our eyes. There were palm trees dwarfing even the oldest and grandest of our giant redwoods! 

And for millions and millions of years, the botanicals and nutrients from these extinct and long forgotten plants, animals and sea life kept falling into the soil and sea, building up, century after countless century.