Application Methods

  • What methods can be used to apply Turboganic My Garden® to my garden?

There are several.  It is a matter of personal choice, cost, and convenience.  Hand watering to the base of the plants is effective but more time consuming.  Some gardeners prefer using a garden hose attachment and bottle.  Others may use a pressurized garden sprayer with a diluted solution in it, directly to the base of the plants.  Some farmers have dripped a larger volume of concentrate into their irrigation ditches.  For details, contact us.

Perhaps, one of the best automated and cost-effective systems we have seen so far is something called, “drip-tape irrigation.”  It requires far less water than other methods, while injecting a weaker dilution of Turboganic My Garden® more frequently.

By far, the least expensive method for watering and nutrient feeding entails recycling rinsed milk jugs.  Fill them with water, add the proper dilution of Turboganic My Garden®, punch a pin hole at one side nearest the bottom, loosen the cap, and place the jug near the base of each plant.  Once a week, fill them with a recommended dilution of Turboganic My Garden®.  This slow trickle method, though not the most aesthetically appealing, will keep your plant roots moist with sufficient nutrients.

Let us know what other ways have worked for you and we will share them with others, and give you the credit!


  • I have read that ‘deep-feeding’ of trees and garden plants is very effective. Does this really work?

Generally, there is some truth here, but be cautious! Plants generally absorb about 30% of the water and nutrients they need in the top ¼ of their root zone and 40% of their required water and nutrients in the next quarter of the root zone. Twenty percent of their water and nutrient requirements are absorbed in the next quarter of the root zone, while about 10% of the water and nutrients are absorbed in the bottom quarter of the root zone.   Most annual or some biennial plants do not send roots very deep, except for many weeds and grasses.

Deep feeding is good for perennials such as trees and shrubs and deep-rooted grasses, but those plants that have most of their roots in the top 12-18 inches of the soil will not benefit from nutrients being injected below the root zone.  Thus, deep-feeding is OK for plants having roots that penetrate deeply into the soil and is of little or no benefit for shallower-rooted plants, and will only waste product.  Regardless of the depth of injection, if you choose this method, Turboganic My Garden® will provide the most complete spectrum of plant nutrients.


  • Can I use Turboganic My Garden® as a foliar spray?

Yes, however, one problem with foliar spraying during the day, much like dew or rain, is that remnant water on the leaves tends to focus sunlight, like a magnifying lens, that can lead to leaf scalding and burn holes.   Just be sure to apply foliar spray in the evening after the sun goes down.  Turboganic My Garden® is not an exception in this regard.