Extreme Results Under Extreme Conditions

"Turboganic My Garden® rescued my garden after a long, cold and wet spring when nothing wanted to grow. Once I started weekly applications, everything perked up and grew fast including my heirloom tomatoes that grew nearly 3 feet in three weeks and flowered. My winter squash, zucchini, and cucumbers showed no mid-day wilting and then only slightly when temperatures reached the mid-90s. In contrast, my beets that were not treated with Turboganic My Garden® wilted every day when temperatures were in the 80s even though the root zone was moist. The treated cucumbers, zucchini and green beans were plumper and sweeter than other year’s crops with plenty of flowers setting fruit in the hot days of August. The sunflowers grew tall and strong stemmed with large heads thick with seed. I had more bees (honeybees and native bees) visiting my garden than ever. I am looking forward to using Turboganic My Garden® on winter cold frame crops and starting next summer’s seeds under grow lights."

— Kathlyn Collins (Salt Lake City, UT) "The Gardening

Mom Thought It Was a Miracle

"I started using Turboganic My Garden® during the summer on my mother’s garden. Her broccoli, spinach, radishes, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, sweet corn, beets, and flowers were truly way ahead of all her neighbors.  I have used traditional fertilizers for years.  I couldn’t believe that a small amount of a liquid concentrate on a regular feeding would have such an affect.  All our produce seemed extra sweet and tender. Turboganic My Garden® is like a miracle! It really works!"

— Harry Bircher (Youngstown, OH)

Alfalfa Crop Production Triples

"As a cattle rancher in the mountains, our growing season is short and tends to be cooler.  I depend upon every bale of alfalfa that I can grow for my livestock.  Typically, I can grow only a single cutting in our short season.  I added Turboganic My Garden® into a flood irrigation ditch to part of my field as a test, only one time at the beginning of the season. To my surprise, not only did I get 3 cuttings from this area, the bales kept better than usual!  Even more amazing is that, when given the choice, my cattle would always eat the “Turbo Crop” first, before touching the other field cutting.  Holy Cow!"

— Brad Pite (Evanston, WY)

Accused of Cheating on Water Allotment


"Near-drought conditions prompted our township to drastically ration water throughout the summer.  Fortunately, earlier in the season, I had already begun using Turboganic My Garden® on all my garden vegetables and flowers, in conjunction with a simple drip irrigation system.  Every plant went crazy with growth and harvests like never before, while my neighbor’s yards suffered.  It got so bad that a few locals complained to city officials about “cheating” on our water allotment (they would actually watch me).  As the season progressed, my wife, Renee, ran out of canning space, so we gave all the rest to our church (and a few of our suspicious neighbors).  No one could believe the tenderness, given the size of everything – just one broccoli crown literally filled an 18 inch salad bowl!  And the flavor?  Skeptics thought we had soaked our veggies in sugar water overnight!  Our flowers did fantastic also.  Oddly, the very same city officials that hassled us gave us an award for saving water while still having a stellar garden!"

— Vince Fostos (Sharon, PA)

This product works like a miracle!

"Several of my once favorite shrubs and trees were near oblivion.  After using Turboganic My Garden® for a few weeks, they are back to life, looking greener and healthier than ever.  This product works like a miracle!"

—  Hal Brostrom (Salt Lake City, UT)

Practically Growing Through the Ceiling

"Starting in mid-season, I began watering my petunias with a dilution of Turboganic My Garden®. They were covered with blooms until the week before Thanksgiving and survived several frosts.  In the fall, I tried it on a small greenhouse Phalenopsis (moth) orchid which started out with 3 small flowers and 2 pale leaves. Within a few weeks, the leaves turned deep green with several new leaves showing at the crown. It bloomed just after Christmas and had over sixty flowers on each of the two sprays it put out. These flowers lasted several months with the plant forming a new crown that required repotting. My original orchid and its cutting both bloomed prior to Easter and were covered with flowers.  Then, there were my Dracaenas which had struggled for years until Turboganic My Garden® had them practically growing through the ceiling (I used the cuttings to start several new plants)."

—  George Klinell (Salt Lake City, UT)

A Greener Christmas

"I had three poinsettias left over from Christmas. One of them died and the other two were extremely frail. I transplanted them into a larger container with new soil. I started to feed Turboganic My Garden® to them. They immediately responded by leafing out.  Now they are a very, very vibrant green and doing very well. I had another house plant on death row that also turned around.  I use the Turboganic My Garden® once a week and my plants are all very healthy and doing fantastic."

—  Rendell Carter (Herriman, UT)

There's nothing like it... It has it all!

"I have been using Turboganic My Garden®  EXCLUSIVELY with my raised bed garden and would not consider using anything else, except water.  There’s nothing like it for my sweet corn, carrots, radishes, potatoes, herbs, chard, spinach, squash, pumpkins, and sunflowers.  I attribute the lack of insect and typical disease problems with the overall improved healthiness of my veggie plants.  It has it all!"

— John Scott (Salt Lake City, UT)