Climate Stress Tolerance

  • In the past, my squash, pumpkins, and cucumbers generally seemed to wilt badly in full sun… will Turboganic My Garden® help with this?

Yes.  This plant behavior is called “incipient wilting” and is normal and common for these plants in the mid-day sun and heat. They generally will perk up as the sun goes down or with cloud coverage. If the plants don’t perk up… it is usually due to insect damage (squash borer, cucumber beetle, etc.) which needs to be given attention.  Plants seem to be much more resistant to chilling or high temperatures and develop stronger root systems and vegetative structures using Turboganic My Garden®.

However, since Turboganic My Garden® strengthens plant cell development for climate-stress extremes of wind, heat and frost, as well as drought and over-watering.  It does so while your harvest grows tender and sweet with extended shelf-life.