• My tomatoes sometimes have a brown-rotted or a dry spot on their bud ends. Will Turboganic My Garden® prevent this?

Turboganic My Garden® will generally help plants to be more disease resistant.  However, in this case, it is not likely (we didn't say impossible) as some varieties of tomatoes are genetically prone to “blossom end rot” as it is called.  Sprinkling the leaves of plants can be the cause of the problem as water collects on the bottom of the fruit and results in a number of problems, including bacterial or fungus “rots.”  In some tomatoes, the problem is caused by a lack of calcium in the plants. Contact us for other possible solutions.  Turboganic My Garden® does contain calcium and magnesium and can be beneficial to certain varieties, but not those with the genetic problems causing the disease.  Watering the roots can prevent blossom-end rot in many situations, but not where dew or rainfall causes water droplets to form on the blossom end of the fruit.