Environmental Issues

  • I’m concerned about excess nutrients getting into our ground water, such as what happens with traditional fertilizers. Is this a problem with Turboganic My Garden®?

The short answer is no.  That said, there are a few key factors involved including how much fertilizer is applied, and how well and quickly plants absorb these nutrients, not to mention proper watering. 

Traditional fertilizers usually focus on full area application of N-P-K (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium). Since absorption by plants is poor in this case, there is excess which is easily washed into water tables.  Of course these elements are needed, but it is always more effective having these nutrients closer to the roots.  Additionally, synthetic chelating agents, such as EDTA, can retard nutrient absorption, kill off vital soil bacterial organisms, and encourage early release of harmful compounds into our water tables.

Turboganic My Garden® has resolved this issue in several ways: 1) lesser amounts of N-P-K is required because they are 95% bio-availability and the synergistic effect of its naturally-occurring formula, which also includes non-synthetic chelating agents for better and quicker nutrient absorption.  2) Hundreds of micro and sub-micro nutrients (many in the parts per million) are readily absorbed to maximum plant development.  3)  Soil bacteria is significantly enhanced which, in turn, break down nutrient compounds and promote oxygenation of root systems, both of which increase absorption.  4) Lastly, by applying Turboganic My Garden® at the end of a watering cycle, complex nutrients are allowed to “wick” throughout a moistened soil to enhance the root system of each plant for more complete absorption, while virtually eliminating environmental run off.


  • Are birds that feed on worms and the like affected by Turboganic My Garden®?

Observationally, birds appear to be healthy, producing several broods per season, and return frequently without apparent negative side effects.  Other birds return annually to feed off of sunflower seeds grown using Turboganic My Garden®.