Storage Issues

  • Is Turboganic My Garden® affected by temperature extremes?

Turboganic My Garden® has been stored for years at both very high and low temperatures, even left in the bright sun for weeks with no apparent damage or less than stellar effect on plants. Freezing does not harm the product, but it does cause the constituents to separate.  If your Turboganic My Garden® has been frozen, simply thaw to room temperature naturally and mix well… it will work as though nothing happened.


  • I left the cap off the bottle and now the level of solution is lower than before due to evaporation… what should I do?

Simply add tap water to the Turboganic My Garden® super-concentrate, or to a dilution solution if it already has been mixed, up to the previous dark line on the bottle.  Cap and mix well… it will be suitable for use.


  • Why is Turboganic My Garden® so dark in color?

Turboganic My Garden® contains a broad spectrum of plant derivatives that are high in biologically-available carbon compounds as well as a variety of compost extracts, all of which are darkly colored.  Although similar to compost tea in color, Turboganic My Garden® is also rich in critical organometallic compounds and additional nutrients.  Don’t worry that your plants will turn brown or black.  Darker green will be the norm.

Over time you will notice that when Turboganic My Garden® sits on a shelf for awhile that there is virtually no sediment at the bottom of the bottle (unless it freezes).  That is because the micro nutrients stay in solution, and therefore confirm its bio-availability to your plants.